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How to Support your local Beef Producer

How to Support your local Beef Producer

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How to Support your Local Beef Producer

You always hear that you’re supposed to support your local beef producer. But how?! This shirt explains it all! It’s not all about buying a whole, half or quarter of beef.. there are so many other ways! 

Just to name a few:

  • Buying cowhide rugs
  • Buying real leather (boots, belts, purses, patches on hats, etc.)
  • Using tallow beauty products
  • Decorating with cow skulls or Longhorns
  • PROMOTE beef FACTS online. AGvocate and educate the people that don’t know the facts!

Personally, I think this design looks best on the tan color.

Gildan Soft Style brand; tan, dusty blue & sport gray colors

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